We keep our relationships highly private and confidential while tailoring our services based on specific needs.  A handful of our projects and success stories are shared below on a confidential basis.  References can be provided upon request.


  • Industry: Engineering firm

  • Management Consultancy: Business review, strategy development, exit preparation, divestment

  • Brief: The company was a successful electrical engineering firm operated by an owner-manager.  An offer was made on the business by a competitor.  IA was hired to manage the transaction on behalf  of the seller.  A financial and operations review of the business was conducted.  IA concluded that the company had a niche service offering at high margins,  had a very weak finance function, with little cash flow management capabilities, had no long-term strategy or succession plan.  However, IA believed the offer was undervaluing the business.  The target hired IA in the role of interim CFO, strengthening the finance function, developing and executing a strategic plan along with the owner and helped prepare the company for a potential Exit.  IA managed the entire exit process achieving a price of 3.5X the initial offer after accounting of all IA fees.   IA handled the entire negotiation, ensure various protections were in place for the seller.


  • Industry: Automotive

  • Management Consultancy:  Acquisition, interim CEO, strategy development, exit preparation, divestment

  • Brief: IA was involved in funding the 100% management-buy out of the group of companies, acting as the interim CEO and CFO for a period of 14 months, implementing a strategic plan and turning around the business.  IA later empowered a management team and exited from the investment at over 10X the initial investment value.


  • Industry: Architectural design

  • Management Consultancy: : Finance function review and management

  • Brief: Our client is a successful firm with an inefficient and ineffective finance team.  IA reviewed the needs of the company made strategic changes to the finance team, implementing financial controls and governance, effective reporting, cash flow management and handling the audit process.  IA continues to manage the finance function for the company.

ProJect TECH

  • Industry: Education

  • Management Consultancy: Buy-side consultancy, due diligence, post-acquisition support

  • Brief: Our client, a prominent private equity fund based in the UAE, was looking to acquire a 100% stake in a well- established  eEducation business in the UAE.  A letter of intent (LoI") was signed and we were engaged to conduct a full scope due diligence A full scope DD was conducted.  One of the major issues identified was the owner developing a potentially competing business with.   Using our report and findings, our client negotiated to lower the consideration to be paid by 20% and negotiated better terms for the transaction.  However, due to the number of deal issues and deal breakers highlighted, our client decided not to proceed with the transaction, a decision fully supported by IA.


  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Management Consultancy: Business review, strategy development and execution

  • Brief: The company had no clear strategy and did not have a focus in terms of its long-term vision, planning, and priorities. A detailed review of the business was conducted by a senior partner with strong strategy and turnaround experience.  The company hired IA for the role of interim CSO  to develop and execute a strategic plan along with the owner to prepare the company for its next level of growth.   IA was compensated by a fixed monthly retainer plus a large upside for achieving an agreed incremental profit.   After eight  months the owner increased its profitability by 500%.